Stoneham Cup FAQs

  1. Q – How do I submit a match result?
    A – Via the new link on the Stoneham Cup tab on   It will require the winning Team Captain to input the overall match result as well as the scores of each individual match.
  2. Q – Do I still need to fill in a team sheet if I plan to submit the result online?
    A – Yes.  Team sheets must still be exchanged by the Team Captains prior to the match as per SC Rule 7 then completed and signed afterwards as per Rule 14.  The signed paper copy should be retained by the Team Captain in case of a subsequent dispute.
  3. Q – Can a mobile phone be used as a DMD?
    A – Yes but only to measure distance.  It is suggested that a player using a mobile phone as a DMD declares such to her opponent prior to the start of play so as to avoid any misunderstanding.  Mobile phones should not be used for any other purpose on the course apart from in cases of emergency.
  4. Q – What is a caddie allowed to do?
    A – A caddie has full caddie status which includes giving advice to their player, information on distances, topography of the course (e.g. slope and speed of fairways and putting greens), position of the flagstick, club selection, type of stroke to be played, line of putts and direction of play.  They may also provide shelter to their player from the elements, but not while the player makes their stroke.  Prior to commencement of play, Team Captains may agree to also permit caddies to go on to the greens.  If no agreement is reached, caddies are not permitted to go on the greens (SC Rule 12 refers).
  5. Q – What are the rules regarding match teas?
    A – There are no hard and fast rules but it is normal for this to be discussed and agreed with opposing clubs at the time of fixing the dates for matches.